(NST, 3rd April 2014)

Artist impression of Tanjung Tuan
Artist impression of Tanjung Tuan

By Zainal Abidin Musa

PORT Dickson, about an hour’s drive from the Klang Valley, is an accessible holiday spot for many. My last visit there was during Raptor Watch weekend last month, organised by Malaysian Nature Society.
Port Dickson has seen many changes over the years, though I’m not sure if it’s for the better or worse. Judging from the crowd at the beach, I’d say that it still holds some charm.
Raptor Watch enabled my family to learn more about the migratory birds and their passage back north to nest. Many nature-oriented organisations also took part to promote birdwatching, educate about poaching and encourage recycling, among others.
For me, it was an eye-opening experience to learn about the efforts of many passionate Malaysians to preserve nature.
My favourite part of the trip was going on  forest and mangrove walks with MNS  guides. Despite developments, it’s nice to see large pockets of nature being preserved in Port Dickson.
I also had enough time to do a 7 in x 10 in watercolour sketch of the mangrove forest in Tanjung Tuan.

Article source: NST

Read Jason Apolonio’s, Raptor Watch 2014 international delegate from Philippines, experience during the event:

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