About Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

The genesis of our society predates our country’s independence – a group of British expatriates deeply interested in our country’s lush natural heritage decided that the abundant collection of field notes and natural history records which they had accumulated was vital to the country’s heritage and should be published. In 1940, with the publication of the Malayan Nature Journal Volume 1, the Malaysian Nature Society was born.

Evolving from a core group of society volunteers, MNS’ Kuala Lumpur-based headquarters has now a team of 40 dedicated full time staff who see to the day-to-day running of the society’s administration and activities.

We have pioneered conservation in Malaysia for the last seven decades, making a difference through habitat conservation and environmental education. Through the joint efforts of our members, partners and supporters, MNS has become a strong voice for the protection of our country’s natural heritage. We will continue presenting our stand by promoting and ensuring responsible environmental stewardship in this country.

For more details on who we are and what we do, please go to www.mns.my