Be a RW Sponsor

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Raptor Watch has been the Malaysian Nature Society’s (MNS) biggest and most successful signature event for 18 consecutive years. 

We aim to create more publicity and media hype to amass more interest and participation from both the local and Klang Valley community. With the added emphasis on CSR from various quarters (the government, the securities commission etc), Raptor Watch would be a great platform for your organization to contribute towards nature conservation and to be known as an environmentally caring and proactive corporation.

Benefits to your company

  • Publicity via multiple mediums – press, radio, magazines, TV, online.
  • Enhances CSR objectives, positions the corporate sponsor as a proactive, caring & socially responsible corporate leader.
  • Volunteer opportunity for staff to be involved in / hands on experience for team building.
  • Space allocation at the event to showcase company / products.
  • Proactive and tangible contribution to Malaysia’s international stature as an environmentally conscious developing nation.
  • Opportunities for cause related marketing, creating new touch-points with the public.
  • Increased opportunities to reach out to and support education, ecotourism and environmental conservation in your local community.

For assistance, please get in touch with us:

Malaysian Nature Society
Email: /
Tel: +603 – 2287 9422   Fax: +603 – 2287 8773

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